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Car insurance protects car owners when their car has been damaged in an accident while driving on the road, parked on the street or in a garage. Car protection insurance is beneficial for people who are under the age of 30 years old and above the age of 50 years, however this type of insurance is suitable for anybody who drives a car frequently.

Depending on the car insurance policy chosen ( car insurance comparison ), the policy holder can get up to $500 cover for stolen items and legal liability cover up to $20 million. Additional benefits such as windscreen or glass damage cover may also be offered for an extra cost. Some policies also offer the option to hire a rental car for 14 days if the policy owner’s car has been stolen and cannot be recovered. Policy holder’s can add a certain number of people to the authorized driver’s list and these people will be covered under the policy holder’s plan. Some insurance companies also allow policy holder’s to insure a few passengers under their policy for no additional cost.

Comprehensive car insurance offers many benefits that limited car protection insurance plans do not offer. Policy holders that opt for comprehensive insurance not only get assistance when their car has been towed but also get rental cars following theft and legal liability cover when using a substitute car. In addition, comprehensive insurance plans also allow policy holders to get a replacement vehicle if their new vehicle that was involved in an accident was totalled.

To enjoy the benefits of the selected policy, the policy holder has to make a claim shortly after the car has been stolen or involved in an accident. Many insurance companies have a time limit for filing a claim after the accident and all policy holders have to file a claim within this time limit. After the claim has been filed, an adjuster checks the car for damages and either writes a check for compensation or asks the policy holder to take the car to an authorized garage for repairs.

Filing a claim for insurance is usually an easy process that involves making a call and meeting an adjuster. Many insurance companies also allow policy holders to make claims online or via the phone. Buyers who plan to buy car insurance should remember that before buying an insurance plan, they should understand their own needs so that they can opt for the right plan.

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