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How to Relieve Stress without Leaving the City

Are you a city mouse too attached to the urban jungle? Cities are fascinating places to live in incredible comfort, but unfortunately, they are also very taxing. City life would be perfect if only there was a way to let go of all that unpleasant stress. City dwellers, despite popular belief, do not need to buy plane tickets to the countryside to relax. Read ahead to find out the wonderful ways in which you can beat stress, improve health and truly feel at peace without leaving the city:

Try chiropractic therapy

Stiff muscles from sitting down and crouching in front a computer all day? Your back and spine would greatly appreciate a chiropractic session. Pretty much all cities have professionals offering these therapies at fairly reasonable prices. For the uninitiated, chiropractic treatments seek to heal and relieve pain in the musculoskeletal system. It’s popularly believed that chiropractic care is only reserved for people with spinal injuries. That’s not entirely true. Chiropractic therapy can relieve pain associated with sedentary lifestyles, such as back pain caused by long hours being seated at conferences. Chiropractic therapy is not limited to adults, either. Children, too, can enjoy major benefits without the fuss of driving somewhere far away. Though this sub-field of the therapy has yet to truly take off, there are already many clinics offering services in all major cities. Just search for pediatric chiropractor Melbourne and see for yourself.

Stroll at the nearest park

You don’t need to spend exorbitantly for stress-relief aides or sleep theatres when you can easily shed the day’s worries at the nearest local park. Public parks are free and open all day (most places anyway) for utterly relaxing strolls. These precious spaces offer fresh air and verdant scenery among the urban chaos, and can be the perfect retreat for the overstressed looking for peace and quiet in the concrete jungle. On weekdays, if not a public holiday, most parks are deserted and free of yowling children. If you work near a public park, try to take some time off during lunch hour for a quick stroll. Feel the calmness wash over you afterwards.

Join a yoga class

Let go of the tension in your tired body the way Nirvana did it—with rigorous amounts of yoga. Unlike back in the day, you don’t need to get on a plane and fly all the way to northern India to enjoy the highs of yoga. All urban centres now have yoga schools, centres, groups, private sessions and many more open to anyone interested. Often the sessions are designed to withstand demanding work schedules and busy clients. If you live in a city, you can most likely find a yoga class a stone’s throw away from home or work. Take advantage of these to calm your mind and to give your body an invigorating workout.

Substitute sandwich lunch with a completely foreign meal

During office hours, if you are like most worker bees, you probably don’t pay much attention to what you eat for breakfast or lunch. Dinner, too, is highly likely to be late and full of unhealthy fats. Food is one of the few pleasures of life that is guaranteed to improve mood and make various pressures of everyday life seem trivial. And, cities around the world are the best places on the planet to indulge. Urban areas are often creations of migrants from far flung corners of the earth. As a result, cities are deliciously multicultural, with plenty of regional and ethnic cuisine restaurants to prove it. So, next time you feel stressed out of your wits, try to grab a meal at an eatery offering cuisine of a country you can’t even locate without Google Maps. The strange and exotic flavours will revitalise your senses instantly. Besides, you won’t even have to walk that far to spot a Sri Lankan or an Eritrean restaurant.

Go for a massage

Sometimes, all you want is a really refreshing massage, but without the hassle of having to pack for a trip to Thailand. Your city is like authentic Italian pizza—it has the best of everything. You can easily find massage parlours in any city. Yes, some of them will be seedy and disgusting, but it’s easy to avoid them. Reputed masseuses offer services in major commercial areas for exhausted office workers, parents and even students. Finding one that’s perfect for you is only an Internet search away. If you are completely glued to your concrete jungle and you don’t want to take a single step off your cubicle, no worries, a masseuse will be more than happy to bring their revitalizing services to you.

If all else fails, go out the door, walk through the bustling streets of the city, and observe how bad other people have it.