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Insurance companies DON’T enrage Aussies

Despite the media’s attempts to portray insurance companies as the enemy, Australians are much more enraged by other organisations, such as telecommunications firms, banks and supermarkets.

The survey, conducted by Colmar Brunton research, asked 1,000 Australians which companies they felt the most frustration towards. Not surprisingly, telecommunications companies, major banks and government agencies were at the top of the list.

Nearly one in five people said they feel more frustration towards their financial institution than other organisations they deal with and around one in five (22%) said they want to switch institutions but believed it was too difficult to do so.

The top 10 list of organisations that enraged Australians was as follows:

1.        Telecommunications Companies
2.        Government
3.        Banks
4.        Energy Companies
5.        Retailers
6.        Political Parties
7.        Airlines
8.        Supermarkets
9.        Insurance Companies
10.      Health Services

In the wake of the flood many mainstream media outlets targeted insurance companies and attempted to paint the picture that pay-outs were being denied and ruining lives. That portrayal contradicts much of the truth, with insurance companies paying out billions and brokers playing a vital role in assisting those in need.