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People who keep pets constantly worry about their pets falling ill since making a trip to the veterinary doctor is an expensive task. Pet insurance offers pet owners the opportunity to insure their pets and get reimbursement for veterinary bills. This type of insurance is offered for both dogs and cats of various ages. In most cases, pets can be insured when they are 8 weeks or older and pets beyond the age of 9 years cannot be insured.

There are 4 types of insurance covers available for pets and these covers are accidental injury cover, accidental injury + illness cover, major medical pet insurance cover and routine care cover. The routine care cover is ideal for pets that have pre existing health conditions and require periodical checkups where as the major medical insurance cover is ideal for pets who want to save on premiums but make claims for large amounts. Usually insurance companies cover hereditary and congenital diseases that affect both young and older pets however, like all types of insurance, even pet protection plans do not cover a few conditions such as pregnancy, elective procedures, grooming and behavior problems. Buyers should always get a full list of these exceptions before they opt for insurance from any company.

Accidental injury and illness cover are ideal for pets that do not have any pre existing health conditions but are known to get hurt or fall sick frequently. Young dogs that play a lot are ideal candidates for these two types of covers. Most insurance companies also have a cooling off period or a waiting period for pet cover plans and this waiting period depends on the type of policy you have selected and the amount of premium you are paying.

Depending on the insurance company you select and the insurance plan you select, you can receive up to 80% reimbursement for medical bills. Most insurance companies that offer the routine care cover offer up to 100% reimbursement provided the pet qualifies. Buyers should remember that despite the type of cover they choose, a small excess has to be paid to enjoy all the benefits offered by the insurance plan.

Although pet insurance is not cheap, this type of insurance is definitely cheaper than paying for veterinary bills repeatedly. Pet protection plans allow pet owners to get medical help for their beloved pets when needed without worrying about paying the doctor’s bills.

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