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Travel insurance protects Australian citizens when they travel abroad for business or pleasure trips. Travel protection insurance ensures that you do not have to pay large sums of money for medical bills or hospitalization out of your pocket when you travel to other countries.

Depending on the type of cover you choose, you may be offered one or more benefits. Some of the benefits offered include emergency evacuation, unlimited coverage when you travel to USA, Canada and Japan, cover for emergency dental work and cover for pre existing health conditions. Some insurance companies also offer cover for pregnancy and offer an allowance for a relative to travel with you if you are sick or injured.

Travel  insurance also protects policy holders when they are injured due to a vehicle accident while travelling. The personal liability benefit protects the policy holder from being sued, however some insurance companies do not cover legal expenses for car accidents. This type of insurance is also beneficial for people who plan to hire rental cars since when people hire cars overseas, they have to pay an excess, travel protection policies usually cover this cost. Most policies allow the policy holder to cancel the contract if he or she cannot travel due to emergencies such as sickness or death of someone. Before buying travel insurance, buyers should find out if the selected insurance company allows cancellation so that in case of such a situation, the policy holder does not have to pay a penalty or lose money.

There are various factors that affect the cost of this type of insurance. Age and gender of the policy holder are two such factors. The type of cover needed, the items carried and the type of activities that are going to be carried out while you are away also determines the cost of the policy. Insurance policies that offer additional benefits such as baggage protection for expensive items like electronics will cost more compared to basic policies that offer only medical compensation. Most insurance policies for travellers can be customized depending on the traveller’s requirements.

Since there are many types of travel insurance plans available in Australia and each insurance companies offers different benefits, buyers should consider their own requirements before getting insurance for travelling. Buyers should also consider asking a few insurance companies ( travel insurance comparison )for quotes and compare these quotes so that they get the best policy in their budget.

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