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What Is Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance protects people who have been struck with serious illnesses such as heart attack, cancer and stroke. A lump sum amount is given to the policy holder either at the time of diagnosis or after 7-14 days of surviving the traumatic incident. Trauma protection insurance is a must for everybody above the age of 40 years, however this type of insurance is especially beneficial to people of all ages that have pre existing medical conditions.

This type of insurance is also suitable for people who have a family history of developing heart problems, cancer or other traumatic problems. People who have a history of these problems or have a genetic pre disposition of certain hereditary problems should consider opting for this type of insurance. People who have high stress jobs or are always on the go due to work should also consider opting for this type of insurance plan.

Other conditions that are covered by trauma protection insurance include but are not limited to head injury, vascular diseases, loss of limbs and quadriplegia. Buyers should note that this type of insurance only covers the diseases listed on the policy and other problems that are not listed will not be covered. While buying a policy buyers are always encouraged to opt for a plan that covers maximum health problems.

The cost of this type of insurance plan depends largely on your age and the pre existing conditions you have and if you smoke or not. Although trauma protection insurance is not cheap, buyers can save money by looking online for policies, buying policies from resellers and by comparing quotes before selecting a suitable plan. Many insurance companies offer package deals of trauma policies with health insurance or life insurance that cost 10-15% lesser than buying each policy individually. Some insurance companies also offer a 20% rebate and other offers if buyers buy policies online.

Remember, trauma insurance can protect you and your family financially if you have been diagnosed with heart problems, cancer, stroke, vascular diseases and other similar problems that have to be solved with surgical intervention. This type of insurance can also prevent you and your family from worrying about money while you are ill and can help you get better by getting the medical help you need. By opting for the right plan you can not only secure your own future but also your family’s future.

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