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Why Purchase Trauma Insurance

Most people who have health insurance or life insurance ( visit LifeDeal) often wonder if it is necessary to purchase trauma insurance and why? Although it is not mandatory to purchase trauma policies in Australia, this type of insurance is extremely useful and beneficial for people who are older than 40 years, have dependants or have pre existing medical conditions. People with a history of serious health problems benefit the most by opting for this type of insurance. People who have a family history of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other genetic problems will also benefit significantly by opting for this type of insurance.

The main reason people should purchase this type of insurance is because trauma policies (visit TraumaInsuranceAustralia ) protect the policy holder and his family financially when the policy holder falls severely ill and has to be hospitalized. Trauma policies ensure that the policy holder receives a lump sum amount either when he is diagnosed by a doctor or 7-14 days after he has survived the traumatic incident.

Life insurance policies are very different from trauma policies since life plans only provide compensation when the policy holder dies, where as trauma policies offer compensation in order to help the policy holder survive an illness. Health insurance plans offer reimbursement for medical bills only and in most cases the policy holder has to pay an excess which means that he does not get maximum benefit from health insurance plans. Trauma plans on the other hand offer a lump sum amount that can be used depending on the needs of the policy holder.

Most insurance companies that offer insurance for traumatic events also offer additional policies or package deals through which the buyer can save money while buying additional plans such as health insurance, life insurance or income protection cover. In addition, many companies offer additional deals such as rebates through which buyers can benefit even more.

While basic trauma insurance plans offer coverage for 15 or less medical conditions, extended or comprehensive plans offer coverage for an additional 10 conditions. This type of insurance can not only be customized but also, the plans are flexible which means that the buyer has a choice and he can decide which features he wants and how much he wants to pay. Remember, extended policies cost more than basic policies but advanced policies protect you and your family for many additional problems. Before buying a trauma policy, remember to consider not only personal and health factors but also other factors such as financial factors since by planning right, you can secure your family’s future.

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